God Bless America

One of the interesting things about traveling is that you get a better perspective and appreciation of home.  How others view America is very telling. 

I just finished a writing assignment, and am winding down by watching some (English language) TV.  The BBC World News is showing a lot about the Trump “witch hunt” and playing clips of Donald Jr evading questions. Ugh.  Meanwhile, scrolling along the bottom of the screen are headlines from around the globe. The most exciting thing happening in Canada, apparently, is that a father was struck by lightning at his daughter’s wedding.  And a guy in Perth, Australia, checked in a can of beer as his luggage. Ah, to have a slow news day in the US would be nice!

Last week I took a ride with a most entertaining Tunisian Uber driver.  I’ll write about that experience in more detail later, but we conversed in French and within seconds after learning I was American, he asked me about Trump.  I asked him how he felt about him, and he said I would be in the majority here if I didn’t like him.  The convo then turned to talks of past presidents. I’m always amazed at how well-versed Europeans (and the rest of the world, really) are at talking politics. It wasn’t a heated argument, just an exhange of opinions and open questions. Another thing I wish we could do in the States.

I think I’ll switch over to CNBC for some levity now…

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