It’s like being in Japan…in Bellevue

Facebook has been kind enough to remind me this week that two years ago we went on a curated culinary adventure in Japan.  Our Thai friends are professional foodies and not only booked the restaurants in advance but pre-ordered some off-menu specialties for us.  These restaurants were tiny and so off the beaten path that the cab drivers walked us in to make sure they were real establishments.  Over one week we ate at the best of the best, ranging from 1 to 3 Michelin stars.

Anyway, all that to say that I’ve had some of the best Tokyo has to offer, and though I am appreciative of Japanese food in the States, I anticipate in advance it’s not going to be as fresh, as authentic, as good.  Last night, I tried a new restaurant in Bellevue that came very close to Japan-level goodness.  The Seattle area in general has a lot of great Japanese chefs and restaurants, but happy to have one so close to home.

The menu is decidedly different than most “Americanized” Japanese restaurants. We took the kids and there wasn’t any chicken teriyaki to be found (they enjoyed the steak served on hot lava rocks and chicken karaage instead).

Here is the Omakase offering I had last night at Minamoto:

Sake filled to the brim

The bartender knew the perfect drink for me — a Blushing Bride — Nigori sake with prosecco and St Germain



Caviar with gold leaves atop tuna tartar? Yes please!


A5 Waygu — cooked for 5 seconds each side, then slathered with seaweed salt and jalapeno


How to make Chawanmushi even better? Add truffles!


Green tea custard, and because I love truffles so much, I had to try the truffle ice cream even though I was stuffed

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