Le Cinq: 3*

In a masterful move, I changed my family’s reservation from The Peninsula (never stayed there) to the George V (stayed there once before) so that we’d have a room for the kids to go back up to after their portion of the dinner.  

The kids happily got dressed up and sat nicely at the table with us for a good hour or so. K ordered off the kids’ menu as he was already familiar with it from the previous night’s room service, and G was excited to order lobster and steak from the adult menu. (“If I was stuck on a deserted island, I would ask the genie for unlimited amounts of this lobster!” he exclaimed. 

Rudy and I ordered the tasting menu and ate surrounded by fashion models and designers. 

Le Chiberta: 1*

After my first day of school, I was excited to meet up with my family and visiting Seattle friends. My husband texted that they were stuck in traffic and that they would just get room service. I decided to keep the res with my friends for dinner and then to see hubby and kids at their hotel afterwards.

(Insert Uber story)

Le Chiberta is located near the Arc de Triomphe, and is one of several restaurants by Guy Savoy, one of our favorite chefs.  The restaurant was empty (it was only 7:30p), and so we had the whole room to ourselves to catch up. Their young son accompanied us and proved to be quite well-behaved as well as adventurous eater.